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Gerontology in Today's World

Demographics of Aging in the United States and Globally

Global Quiz

1. T  or   F       The world's children under age 5 outnumber people aged 65 and over.

2. The world's older population (65 and over) increased by approximately how many people each month in 2008?

         a) 75, 000       c) 600,000

         b) 350,000     d) 870,000

3. China has the world's largest total population.  Which country has the world's largest older population?

        a) China           c) Russia

        b) Germany     d) India

4.  T or  F       More than half of the world's older people live in the industrialized nations of Europe, North American, Japan, and Australia.

5.  Which country had the world's highest percentage of older people in 2008?

       a) Sweden    c) Spain

       b) Japan       d) Italy

6. T or F          Today, average life expectancy at birth is less than 45 years in some countries.

7. There are more older widows than widowers in virtually all countries because:

     a)  Women live longer than men.

     b)  Women typically marry men older than themselves.

     c)  Men are more likely to remarry after divorce or the death of a spouse.

     d)  All of the above.

8.  What proportion of the world's countries have a public old-age security program?    

      a) All                        c)  One- half

     b) Three-fourths      d) One-fourth 

9. In which country are older people least likely to live alone?

     a) The Philippines    c) Canada

     b) Hungary                  d) Denmark

10.  T or  F        In developing countries, older men are more likely than older women to be illiterate.

 Answer Key:

1)    F 

2)    D

3)    A

4)    F

5)    B

6)    T

7)    D

8)    B

9)    A

10)   F         


Morgan, L.A., & Kunkel, S.R. (2011). Aging, society, and the life course (4thed). New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company



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