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5 New Hot Topics in Skin Care

I recently attended the 10th Annual Vegas Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology Conference.

The conference’s four “Core” specialties included;

1. Facial plastic surgery
2. Plastic surgery
3. Dermatology
4. Oculoplastic surgery, involved in the science, and practice and teaching of aesthetics surgery and medicine.

Good news:
  • There is a new focus on female patterned baldness but no big answers or cures yet.  At least it is being studied and discussed.

  • Micro needling (a service offered at the Lifepointe med spa) is a newer/ popular treatment which uses tiny needles to create micro punctures in the skin to enhance rejuvenation of the skin.

    The post treatment products are attracting a lot attention regarding what is best, well tolerated, without allergy or irritation. PRP (platelet rich plasma – i.e. your own blood) is a main focus as a source for stem cells and what advantage it may provide to issues such as crepey skin. There were several stories shared at the conference of
    improvement in acne scars after a series of treatment (six plus). There was also a brief mention of using micro needling as a course of induction of hair growth. Micro needling is a treatment offered in my practice and provides a much quicker recovery than the fractionated CO2 laser.

  • Home care products continue to provide “hope in a bottle or device”. There are definite improvements in the effectiveness of sun screen and antioxidants.

            Products we sell include:  

           1. Resveratrol, (my favorite by SkinCeuticals) applied nightly.

           2. My favorite sunscreen is Elta MD Aero SPF 45 – primarily because it is a spray. You will want to be sure to blend
               the sprayed product in order to cover all of the exposed skin.  I spray it into my hands to apply it to my face.

           3. Dr. Whitney’s favorite sunscreen is SkinCeutical’s Sports UV Defense (used multiple times during the day).

           4. The Clarisonic is a good choice for cleansing. There was a surprising discussion at my recent meeting as to how
               often itchy, dry skin is actually caused by over washing/scrubbing. Use gentle pressure and avoid scrubbing with
               the Clarisonic.

  • Hyperpigmentation, or darkening of the skin can be treated, however, total resolution is often not achieved. The best result comes from regular low strength chemical peels and obsessive sun avoidance.

    Two of the hyperpigmentation peels we offer at Lifepointe include Silkpeels and Mini Melange Peels. Note, just one unprotected sun exposure can take you back to step one.

    Using a physician product with azelaic acid in it helps with the newer recognized underlying “red “component. Treating both red and brown has provided a little more help to improve this discouraging problem.

  • Fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Perland, Radiesse, Boletro and Voluma are used to reduce lines. The newer and, now more universal approach of lifting the skin back to the outside cheek area was well demonstrated.
    By treating this area the “sides of the mouth wrinkles” (marionette lines) are also lifted as well as the jowls. The mouth corners are still the hardest to fill and fish lips are definitely out!

This is just a brief summary of an incredible time spent with the luminaries of these four specialties.  


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