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Dr. Lott's Blog

What's In For Skin
April, 2014

Regrouping after the 72nd Annual American Academy of Dermatology meeting in Denver: There were 16,000 of us, with several from other countries. Read more...      


Teens & the Sun
March, 2014

According to reports from Reuters Health and the online Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, we should be talking to our teens about wrinkled, sagging, brown spotted skin as a result of too much UV radiation from the sun and/or tanning bed. Read more...      


Winter Skin Care 
February, 2014

Maybe you are one of those who love winter but it isn’t so much fun for your skin. Some of the summer suggestions to care for your skin are the same for winter such as cover up! 

Help for poor, overworked cells
January, 2014

I am reading a very thorough book entitled Cosmeceuticals edited by Zoe Diana Drallos (an incredible woman and researcher who allowed me to spend a day in her clinic with her). 

One of the chapters, edited by Daniel B. Yaxosh and Kenneth A. Smiles, was particularly informational, offering these key points. Read more...

Men & Women Skin Differences and Solutions
December, 2013

Let’s face it men and women are different including their skin. Men’s facial skin has more support longer from density of hair follicles, thicker dermis and collagen, higher bone density and stronger muscles. When they do start to show their age, secondary to time and less subcutaneous fat, they sink rather than wrinkle or sag. Read more...


Stick with Science, Not the Fluff
November, 2013

I love being able to “sit at the feet” of my derm surgeon luminaries. These are the ones quoted in professional journals, popular magazines, newspapers and often on the early daily news shows. They, like myself, are committed to the science behind products and techniques and achieving proven, effective and safe results for patients. Read more...


Moving and Other Musings
September, 2013

I have a new “promise to self”. Never, ever, move again and quit keeping things “just in case”. I am finally down to 14 boxes but I am reluctant to start on the boxes of folders full of fascinating articles pulled from my dermatology journals over the last 35 years. It will become so distracting that nothing else will get done! It will actually be a trip down memory lane and a reminder of how much my interests moved over the years to surgical dermatology and lasers and then on to cosmetic dermatology with its products, fillers and Botox™. Read more...


Vampire Facial
May, 2013

I know, sounds a little intimidating right? Well it’s not at all the bloody mess most would imagine. Dr. Lott again has the newest procedure in Lincoln, NE. Anyone who knows her is well aware that she keeps up with all the latest trends, while always finding the science and research to make sure the procedure or product is worthwhile. Read more…




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