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Help for overworked cells

Help for poor, overworked cells - DNA repair  
January, 2014

I am reading a very thorough book entitled Cosmeceuticals edited by Zoe Diana Drallos (an incredible woman and researcher who allowed me to spend a day in her clinic with her).

One of the chapters, edited by Daniel B. Yaxosh and Kenneth A. Smiles, was particularly informational, offering these key points:

#1 - Photoaging has a lot to do with DNA damage and how the body tries to connect it.

#2 - Sunscreens can prevent some of the damage but not all of it.

#3 - Our cells have a way to recognize the damage in the DNA and send in enzymes to cut out the damage and make new parts (bases).

#4 - The shocker is in a typical day a cell may have to "repair 10,000 damaged bases and after sun exposure, each cell of the skin may hat to remove 100,000 lesions" or damaged areas. Note that this is 10 times greater anyway.

Ok, so now think of the help provided by a big hat, long sleeve shirt and just old plain sun avoidance particularly between the hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The good news, you can help your poor overworked cells with regular use of a lotion containing DNA repair enzyme. The initial studies were done at the National Institutes of Health for children with the genetic disease, eroderma pigmentosum.

These authors were able to come up with a lotion with DNA repair properties which reduced the number of pre cancers and skin cancers suffered by these patients after a year

So the ideal program:

#1 - Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen (my favorites have zinc oxide as a base).

#2 - One of the Retin A (tretinoin) or retinol family applied nightly.

#3 - DNA repair lotion, right now the Celfix brand used one-two times per day. There are others showing up on the market, however, their quality is unknown at this point.

Last, #4 - A stabilized Vitamin C product, with SkinCeuticals, C.E. Ferulic or Phloretin CF, being the leaders in the science of Vitamin C.DN





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