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Connections: November 2013

November, 2013

With Deep Gratitude....

I wrote those words over and over again last week, as I sent Thanksgiving cards from all of us at the College to those people who support us in so many ways – members of our Board, members of several advisory boards, leaders of hospitals that serve as clinical sites, colleagues in other higher education institutions and donors of scholarships. It was the scholarship donors that especially caught my attention. Close to 200 people, many names that I recognize, and many that I don’t. Some are our alums, some are our former and present faculty and leaders, some are family members of alums and faculty who are now deceased and some are persons who have had a life experience of some kind that caused them to want to support education for health care providers. I know that there’s a story behind every name, and I wish I knew more of them.

As I looked at those names, and wrote those messages of gratitude, I realized that those gifts represent great trust in our College on the part of the donors. These are people who have given thousands of dollars to us for the benefit of our students; these are dollars that will be invested in our students for eternity – that’s what an endowment is. These generous donors could have given their gifts to many organizations, and they chose this College. What an honor, what a legacy, and what a message of confidence. I am indeed deeply grateful, as I know you are, and I am also inspired to do my very best work so that these gifts and donors will be honored by our institution. And of course, I’m grateful to do that work as a colleague with all of you.   

To Think About...

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”
                                                                                                    - Meister Eckhart


Marilyn Moore, EdD




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