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Connections: January 2014

January, 2014

That was the week that was

Sometime in my past, “That Was the Week That Was” was the name of a popular television show. TW3, as it was also called, was a funny/satirical/reflective (okay, mostly funny and satirical) look at the week just ended, somewhat like “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” is today.  

I’m thinking of last week in the College, and it’s worthy of another look. Not funny, not satirical, just a reflection on many WOW moments.

Starting on Monday, when the College celebrated the recognition given by the Medical Center for our roll-out of the core values. Cheers to the Student Affairs team for their work on this – from t-shirts to passports to a simulated flight to BCV sodas – you made the values come alive for us last fall, and you caught the eye of Medical Center leaders with energy, enthusiasm and the deep commitment of the College to these values. So a celebration well earned, well done. And living out ‘Know the Way, Show the Way’, those assembled then took the time to reflect on diversity topics, preparing our own minds and hearts for our work in this area with our students. Thanks to Ash for leading the discussion; thanks to everyone there who ventured a question or an opinion, both those spoken and unspoken.

Great diversity activities all week, and I’m most especially impressed that it was Bryan College students who were leaders and participants. Amanda the dancer, Lan the lion dancer, and Ashley, Lan and Claire, leaders in the Diversity Club – all contributed to great activities. And I’m sure you were impressed, as I was, with the presence, quietly confident and assured, of Manasik and Galina, who held us captivated with their stories, experiences and insights as they shared the influence of their families’ culture on their lives as students and as young women growing up in America. I will always remember Manasik’s gentle, but firm, admonition to us that when we talk about cultural diversity, we should not look first to those who are racially different from the majority, but look first at ourselves, because, “everybody has a culture”. That is the voice of a culturally competent person.

Speaking of culture, I am again taken by the insightfulness of the six-word culture grams that are displayed around the College. Six words to describe yourself – that was the assignment to the students. Their choice of words, choice of media, choice of materials – all speak volumes – more than I would have expected from six words.  

And then, on Saturday, the School of Nurse Anesthesia Research Symposium – our students, in their final semester, presenting their Masters research, to a full house. Other students in the program, alums, preceptors – people from all over the country came to listen to this work. One of those in attendance was Marie Trainor Fletcher, our first Nurse Anesthesia graduate; one of the research studies was a history of the developing profession of nurse anesthesia, and Marie Trainor Fletcher’s role in that development.  She stepped forward at a critical time to lead, to gather coalitions, to connect with others, and to shape and impact professional practice and state and federal policy – what a story!  I hope she was proud to hear it; I certainly was. And it was such a good reminder, as the graduate student researchers said, that all of us today stand on the shoulders of a previous generation that made great things happen. Our obligation is to do the same for the next generation….

It was indeed a very good week. Those who plan events celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., frequently use the phrase, “A day on, not a day off,” to describe their hopes for how his birthday will be celebrated. This College embraced that sentiment – it was a week on, it was the week that was.        

To Think About...

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.  Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”    - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Marilyn Moore, EdD




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