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Connections: December 2013

December, 2013

The Best of 2013

This is the time of year when newspapers and web sites are publishing lists of “best of ____” in 2013. The blank may be filled in with anything from movies to restaurants to acts of philanthropy to news stories…. every writer has a list.

And so does this one. So here’s my list of the Best of Bryan College of Health Sciences in 2013. I write this with hesitation, knowing I’ll miss something that’s really big and really good, but view this as a start – and let me know what you would add to it!
In no particular order:

  • Successful (that’s an understatement) JRC-CVT site visit for the cardiac and vascular sonography programs and ACEN visits for the BSN and MSN programs.  Our site visitors were most impressed, and we would expect them to be. We maybe didn’t expect “blown away,” but I think they were.
  • Our first biomedical sciences students were admitted and started classes in August. They are so excited to be here! And we’re proud of their willingness to be pioneers in this new program.
  • Our first MSN students graduated in December. A cohort of six students began two years ago, and all six graduated, together, on time.  
  • The self-study for the HLC reaffirmation of accreditation is complete – hooray!  
  • Phylis Hollamon, president emeritus, gave the largest gift in the history of the Bryan Foundation, and designated it to the College.  
  • First ever, and I hope annual, Bryan’s Got Talent. What a delight to see our students, and a few brave faculty members, on stage. Who knew we had such singers, dancers, mimes and storytellers among us!
  • Hardly news, because it’s now our tradition, but high pass rates on licensure exams and high employment of Bryan graduates – we must always celebrate.
  • Four new doctorates within our faculty:  Lina Bostwick, Colleen Carpenter, Kay Crabtree and Becky Davis. Congratulations, all.
  • Successful launch of the Writing Center – what a service for students, faculty members and employees of the medical center. And, a daily chuckle as I read the poster on the door when I’m walking by.
  • College renovation – lots of it. New student lounge and study spaces, new offices for admissions and registration, and a new copy center. Good places for people to work.  
  • And most important, the day-to-day quality teaching and learning that happens every day in every classroom and on every clinical. This is the heart of what we do; I’m proud to report to any group to which I speak that we do it very well.             

To Think About...

“Maybe this year, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives not looking for flaws, but looking for potential.”  - Ellen Goodman

Marilyn Moore, EdD




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