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Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care  
February, 2014

Maybe you are one of those who love winter but it isn’t so much fun for your skin. Some of the summer suggestions to care for your skin are the same for winter such as cover up!

Instead of sun protective clothing you would be choosing layers of densely woven technical cloth such as Gortex and polypropylene along with the old reliables of dense cotton, silk and wool. When exposed skin needs extra protection, Vaseline becomes a perfect inexpensive choice. Aquaphor is a little lighter, however, a good sunscreen in a moisturized base such as a bottle of “EltaMD SPF 30” or Anthelios covers two needs with one effort. Wear a hat, preferably with a 3-4 inch brim. If you choose a stocking cap remember, you are only protecting the skin it covers so use your sunscreen even on cloudy days.   Also, remember your UV blocking sunglasses that wrap around. 

Long hot showers are a no-no. Quick, warm showers with soap primarily under the arms, groin and feet will handle body odor. Non-perfumed body washes such as Dove’s Nutrium used with a nylon fluff, is a good choice for the rest of the body, if needed at all.

When you are snow skiing or at the beach in Mexico the quick and easy magic in the sunscreen world is the ColoreScience dust on, even if you are sweaty. Just remember to read the insert on brush cleaning. My favorite website is sponsored by the Skin Cancer Foundation. It is an excellent source of well documented information to help you care for your skin in all kinds of weather.              

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