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Men & Women Skin Differences and Solutions

Men & Women Skin Differences and Solutions
December, 2013

Let’s face it men and women are different including their skin. Men’s facial skin has more support longer from density of hair follicles, thicker dermis and collagen, higher bone density and stronger muscles. When they do start to show their age, secondary to time and less subcutaneous fat, they sink rather than wrinkle or sag.

Men are starting to pay attention to what they can do to slow down the aging process. Whatever is chosen it needs to be simple and easy to apply. I have always wished we could get sunscreen in an aftershave product because sun protection is still the number one of the anti-aging efforts. Hats with brims need to come back into fashion also.

At the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery annual meeting a workshop was entitled Menaissance: Unique Aspects of Treatment of the Male. Botox is still the #1 cosmetic treatment. With the increase muscle strength comes the need for higher doses and with laser treatments, more are required. Fillers are helpful mostly in the mid to lateral cheeks and temples.

The main good news for females is the fact that while we see a steady and for some, sharp decline in soft tissue loss, between the ages of 30 to 60 it then tapers off, while it continues for men. This is according to research presented by Dr. Ashely Wysong from Scripps Institute. One of the favorite sunscreens for men is Elta-MD 45, which is oil free and soothing after the morning shave. If there are 18 holes of golf planned then the Elta-MD Sport 50 holds up well although a quick touch up with the Elta Aerospray after the ninth hole is even better. The other attraction to this company’s line is the fact that it’s perfume free. A quick and easy reapplication is available with Colorescience’s dust on powder. It is transparent so it is very “manly”. Great Christmas stocking stuffers for the duffers in your life or those lucky enough for a winter vacation.


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