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Do I need to have pre-requisite courses completed before I can apply or begin the undergraduate programs?
No! We have integrated all general education program requirements in among the courses in your major. Plus we offer small class sizes and a health science focus to the general education courses!


What are some of the advantages to completing my General Education courses at BryanLGH College of Health Sciences?
Students who complete their General Education courses at the College also develop valuable relationships with faculty and students that provide continuity, support and guidance throughout their course of study. Moreover, many of the General Education courses offered at BryanLGH College of Health Sciences are focused on issues that are of particular interest to healthcare professionals.


What do the fees that are paid with tuition cover?
Tuition and Fee Rates. Tuition and fees do not include books, living expenses, graduation fees or fees that are specific to a given program. Transition course fees must also be paid prior to entering the program; these are based upon the amount of instructional time required.


I'm worried about my ability to succeed at the College. What should I do?
The program is rigorous, and students are expected to be committed to their coursework and clinical practice. But the College also provides one-on-one instruction and support to ensure that all students feel comfortable in this challenging environment. The College also has a Student Success Center where current students can consult with faculty advisors about courses expectations and assignments. We expect students to work hard-but we also want you to succeed, and we will help you to reach your goals.


I want to be more involved. Are there student organizations and activities available for undergraduate students at the College?

Yes! The College takes pride in its community-oriented approach to student life.
There are numerous organizations designed to enhance students' personal growth and professional opportunities-and everyone is encouraged to take part in recreational activities that range from charity drives to volleyball and basketball games sponsored by the College. Take a look at all of the student organizations that are available!


I need to fill out a form but I'm not on campus much this semester. How else can I get the form I need?
Records and Registration has most any form you might need available online. Take a look and you will likely find what you need!

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