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Bariatric Advantage News

2014 Issues

December 2014 | How to Navigate Your Way Through the Holidays

Do you ever start stressing out about weight gain and being unhealthy when December hits? Worry about eating too many calories at Christmas parties? These are all valid concerns and stresses, however they do not have to be! With just a little planning and preparation, you can prevent holiday weight gain and still enjoy the holiday season!

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October 2014 | Healthy Fall Recipes, Tips on Stretching and More

It’s getting cooler outside, the trees are changing colors and pumpkin spice lattes are back! Fall foods can include pumpkin, apples, soups and more. Whatever the foods, there’s a chance to get great nutrition benefits from it. This issue of Bryan Bariatric Advantage highlights healthy fall recipes, facts on the importance of stretching and upcoming events that might interest you.

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August 2014 | Simple steps to change your lifestyle this summer. 

Grocery shopping for healthy eating can often be a daunting task, but it can make a great difference in your journey to a healthier, happier you. Read our guide to nutrition and how to buy for better eating. This issue of Bryan Bariatric Advantage Newsletter provides a guide to grocery shopping, tips on the importance of exercise warm-up methods and upcoming events.

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June 2014 | Tracking Your Calorie Intake

A  lifestyle change can be daunting, but taking simple steps in the right direction will get you on the right track to a healthier and happier you. This issue of Bryan Bariatric Advantage Newsletter provides tips on the advantages of resistance training, the best tools to track your calorie intake and a delicious recipe that you're sure to love.

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April 2014 | Spring is the perfect season to change your lifestyle.

Warmer weather provides opportunities to get out and enjoy the outdoors and fresh recipes to encourage healthy eating. This issue of Bryan Bariatric Advantage Newsletter offers bariatric recipes for success, tips on how to get active in your daily life and information on taking your medications. 

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January 2014 | Make this your year!

At times we can get in ruts with weight loss and start to struggle or give up. Well, it’s a new year and can be a new beginning! Maybe you need a reason to start over or to get back on your meal plan or healthy eating, and starting a new year is a great time to do this!

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