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Published on July 29, 2016

Do you have a mood disorder?

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Mood disorders are a category of illnesses that describe a serious change in mood. Illnesses categorized as mood disorders include: depression, bipolar disorder, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). About 20% of the US population reports at least one depressive symptom in a given month.

Mood disorders are highly treatable with steps such as medication, psychotherapy (talk therapy), and lifestyle changes. Many people find that after treatment, their lives are completely normal and they are happy again.

If you think the way you are feeling may mean you have a mood disorder and that you could benefit from treatment, take a free and anonymous mental health screening.

Save the Date!

Reengaging With Life, Creating A New You – Turning Impossible to I’m Possible

Inspired by true stories, Josh Rivedal will discuss both the science and importance of storytelling in helping people reengage with life in the wake of tragedy or loss.

Wednesday, October 5, 6:30-8 p.m.
Cost: Free, pre-registration required
Where: Bryan East Campus, Plaza Conference Center, 1500 S. 48th St.

Attend a free Health Fair to learn about local resources at 6 p.m. and following the program.

How are you Feeling?

Mental health is a key part of your overall health. Take an online screening for yourself or someone you care about to learn more about your mental health.

It's quick, confidential and completely anonymous.

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dave miers

About Dr. Dave Miers

Dr. Dave Miers is the counseling and program development manager for mental health services at Bryan Medical Center in Lincoln, Neb. He also co-chairs the Nebraska State Suicide Prevention Coalition.

Dr. Miers has published research focusing on family survivors of teen suicide and co-authored a chapter in an international handbook for clinical suicide research on the role of professionals in helping families after a child’s suicide. Dr. Miers assisted in the development of the Lincoln Lancaster Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors team in Lincoln, Neb.


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