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Your Stories

Surprise Delivery

"My stay at Bryan Health was very unexpected. I was there to be with my sister-in-law, who had her baby on March 18, 2011. I was admitted that same day, thanks to your caring team who were sincerely concerned about me. You should all be proud of your very intelligent team, who noticed my outbreak of preeclampsia symptoms. (I had been previously diagnosed with pregnancy induced hypertension, but not preeclampsia.)

During my stay, I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and told that I would likely deliver my baby in the next few weeks (and I did deliver only 13 days later by c-section). I had a healthy baby boy, Carter, five weeks earlier than planned.

I am so thankful for the awesome care I received, the steroids my baby received while I was there and the extra friendly staff. I would especially like to thank Shannon, RN; Dr. Kenney, the unit nurse manager, the nurse who triaged me, and the night nurse (Rachel?)--you were are genuinely caring and treated me like a family member."

Carter Richard Shanahan

Compassionate Care

"Our dad was life-flighted to the ICU at Bryan Health on 2/27/11.  He spent five days in the ICU on a ventilator.  Chaplain Dennis Smith stopped in every day to see us, talk with us and pray with us. After taking dad off the ventilator, he spent extra time with us while we waited for him to pass away.  We laughed, sang, cried, visited and prayed with Dennis. He was so caring and always knew what to say and do to comfort us.  He truly is an exceptional person." 

Cliff Carlson, Dennis Rock, Dennis Smith, Heidi Cuca

(L-R: Cliff Carlson, Advancement; Dennis Rock, Manager Pastoral Care; Dennis Smith, Chaplain; Heidi Cuca, Advancement)

Thanks for a tear-free blood draw

"My 5 year old son required outpatient lab work.  Chris (Chris Jambor, West Clinical Laboratory) was the phlebotomist working that evening and immediately made us more comfortable by introducing himself and explaining how experienced he was with his job.  Chris explained what was going to happen to both myself and my son - always talking to my son in a very age appropriate manner.  Chris was excellent in using a counting technique with my son to distract him during the blood draw stick. Chris had made available additional hands as a precautionary backup but did not force multiple people onto my son, which would have caused us anxiety.  Chris showed excellent technique in choosing a blood draw site and accessing it calm, professional and expert manner.  My son left the lab with a smile on his face and not a single tear shed, which has not always been the case with previous lab draws.  My son and I received excellent care from Chris and hope to have his exceptional care as needed in the future."   

Overcoming a NICU obstacle: bottle-feeding

"Kristen Pfeil and Julie Heftie (Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation Services) had the opportunity to work with my son Riley John Fuller during his stay here in March and April at the NICU. They had the incredible task of teaching him how to eat orally from a bottle. They spent a lot of time working with Riley and feeding him to give him the best possible experience of learning how to eat from a bottle. They tried different bottle nipples and even a special bottle. They also tried holding him in different positions during his feedings. They were always so kind and caring and communicated wonderfully with the nursing staff, Dr. Brisso and my husband and I. They also took the time to work with my husband and I in teaching us how to feed Riley as well. They truly went beyond my expectations and I feel very blessed to have had my son under their care. They are truly the best in their field and Bryan Health is fortunate to have them providing such outstanding care. My deepest and heartfelt thanks goes out to Julie and Kristin for their time and care. Thank you!"   


Attentive care for Grandma

"Abbi Placzek (NT, E-7S/N) was wonderful - always very cheerful and helpful. She noticed my grandmother was trying to get out of bed shortly after surgery and was right there to stop her and help.  She was very professional and friendly. She was willing to do anything she could to help and did it always with a smile. She did anything and everything she was asked to do."


A Cheerful Nurse

"I was very impressed by RoseAnne Schmidt's (RN, E-6) professionalism.  She was prompt in the performance of her assigned duties.  She always explained everything to me very thoroughly. She performed her job with a happy and positive demeanor.  She portrayed a good public relations image of Bryan Health.  I felt she performed above and beyond expectations."   

Cheerful Nurses

Ready for emergency 

"In February, I had been having health issues for two days.  On the third day, while driving to work at Bryan Health West Campus, these health issues came on suddenly. I got to the garage, but didn't see anyone the whole walk to the cafeteria. I knew if I could get to the cafeteria someone would help me. I didn't want to collapse in the hall. Sure enough, Teresa Duff (West EVS) came around the corner in the vending area.  She had me sit down and stayed with me until the BRRT team came and took me to the ED.  She didn't get shaken and her calmness was very helpful. She went above and beyond and wasn't even clocked in. Her actions are very commendable."   


Better care through thoroughness and explanation

"On Sunday, March 13, Charlie (Charlene Green, OT, West) gave my dad a most thorough exam.  Her exam was lengthy and most of the time my dad was struggling to answer her question or follow her directions.  She was so very patient and kind.  She took the time to explain to my mother and me what she was doing and the purpose of each evaluation portion.  She also discovered the eye irregularity and evaluated it more in depth.  She ordered an eye exam and then gave us a copy of the eye doctor's information.  This was most helpful as my mother is trying to keep up with all of the different doctors caring for my dad.

Following the exam, Charlie talked with my mom about how it would be for my dad at home and explained about the rehab portion of his treatment.  After the exam of my father and talking with my mother, she recommended inpatient rehab.  She was truly an advocate for my father and wanted the best, most appropriate follow up care for him.  This gave my mother peace of mind that my dad was going to be on the road to recovery." 


Comfort for families an important part of care 

"On Sunday, March 13 in the early morning Megan (Megan Kneivel, RN, West-6S) greeted my mom and I promptly and offered us coffee and tea.  My mom appreciated this as she had not slept much the night before. She then updated us about Harold's condition.  She really took the time to clearly tell us of his condition.  During a routine exam Megan had noticed earlier in the day that my dad's vision wasn't tracking correctly.  This had not been noticed prior.  She took it upon herself to contact Dr. Kent and inform him of her findings and he then ordered another CT scan. That was a valuable catch on Megan's part and a result of this they now have a more complete picture of my father's brain injury.

What impressed us most about Megan was that in addition to her highly competent nursing skills, she made my mom and I feel like our peace of mind was important too.  She kept us informed every step of the way.  We felt most fortunate to have her on dad's health care team." 


Recognizing the whole team 

Micki Velenta, PT, Sandy Griffin, OT, James Sullivan, OT, Lori Athey, RN, Lexie Streeter, RN, Sharon Porter, LPN, Shane Durham, RN and Brandie Campbell, SW, all from inpatient rehab

"All of these folks were very good.  All were very helpful and kind.  They were really on the job and a credit to BryanLGH."  


Kindness during difficult times

"We were so impressed with the professionalism and kindness that we experienced from the first moment we arrived until we left from everyone we came in contact with.  We especially would like to thank Kelli (Kelli Klopfenstein, RN, West 2S) for her expertise and kindness in guiding us through a very unexpected and scary journey.  She is amazing.  We were also so grateful for Amy (Amy Pandorf, RN, West 2S).  Her gentle mannerism and kindness helped us transition in making some hard decisions."

kelli Klopfenstein, RN and Amy Pandorf, RN

A positive labor experience 

"Lindsay (Lindsay Van Pelt, RN, labor & delivery) was so attentive while we were in labor with our daughter, Hallie. She even stayed a little after her shift so she could see us through delivery.  She explained everything, was on top of every request, we never had to wait for anything.  She was quick to get the anesthesiologist and Doctor when needed.  She was also extremely personable!  She made our day so enjoyable!  Thank you Lindsay!"   


It's the little things...

"My son was recently hospitalized on the Bryan East Pediatric unit and Alicia (Alicia Rodriquez, East environmental services)  took care of our room for us and did a great job.  She was so quiet when she was in our room - she had a smile on her face the entire time she did her work.  What impressed me most of all, while cleaning the floor she found one of my son's toys under the bed and before giving it back to us she washed it - Thank You! I work here at the hospital and have seen her a few times and she was so kind to ask if my son was feeling better.  Please thank her for the pleasant way she does her job and the kindness she showed all of us."    

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