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Tests & Treatment

Treatment options for cancer have grown dramatically and are more effective than ever before. Many cancers are curable; but even when not completely curable, people can live productive lives for many years after diagnosis. At Bryan Health we offer a comprehensive range of services and treatment for cancer patients, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biotherapy and radioimmunotherapy - all by physicians and healthcare staff who are extensively trained in cancer care.

Radiation Therapy

Leading-edge technologies such as prostate seed implants, Mammosite breast cancer treatment, HDBrachytherapy and radioimmunotherapy were all introduced at Bryan Health. Our new Outpatient Radiation Oncology Center, at Bryan Pine Lake Campus, 40th and Pine Lake Road, offers the most advanced equipment in the region. The Center delivers the most precise treatment providing higher doses than ever before with the very least effect on unaffected areas. Call the Center at (402) 481-6090 for more information.

Gamma Knife®

Bryan Medical Center was the first Nebraska hospital to offer Gamma Knife technology in 1999. The Leksell Gamma Knife® radiosurgery is a noninvasive medical procedure that uses focused beams of  radiation to treat lesions or tumors in the brain without open surgery. This highly successful and safe procedure is used to treat brain tumors, vein malformations and other disorders of the brain. Because the Gamma Knife® does not require an incision, patients recover more rapidly and have shorter hospital stays - often returning to normal activities in two to four days. In addition, risks normally associated with surgery and anesthesia are eliminated. Gamma Knife services are offered at Bryan West Campus, 2300 S. 16th St., (402) 481-4999. 

Cancer Rehabilitation Services

Cancer rehabilitation allows individuals and their families an opportunity to regain control and confidence within their lives, as well as improve their quality of life. Cancer rehabilitation focuses on practical day-to-day issues, including maximizing strength and adjusting to temporary or permanent changes affecting work, home and leisure life. Our goals are to restore function, as well as to provide knowledge and skills to the individual and family so they can maintain that level of function within the limits of their medical condition.

The Cancer Rehabilitation Team

Bryan Medical Center's rehabilitation health professionals are well-trained in managing the physical and psychological effects that cancer can have on a person's quality of life. A variety of professional therapists and specialists work together with each patient and family to address functional, emotional and social needs.

We offer:

>     Traditional rehabilitation therapists - physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, 
       enterostomal (ostomy) therapy

>     Complementary therapies - including stress management and aquatics

Through our rehabilitation services department, BryanLGH Medical Center offers physical, occupational and speech therapy services specifically tailored to the needs of those with cancer.

Clinical Trials

Bryan Health offers patients with cancer access to clinical trials and cancer prevention studies through the Nebraska Cancer Research Center. Patients can have access to the latest advances in cancer treatment without having to travel to distant cancer centers.

The Nebraska Cancer Research Center is a program of the Lincoln Medical Education Partnership and is part of a national network for cancer research as a member of the Missouri Valley Cancer Consortium, a Community Clinical Oncology Program. (MVCC-CCOP.) 

For more information on clinical trials and prevention studies, please call (402) 483-2827.

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