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Statements of Mission

College Mission


The Mission of Bryan College of Health Sciences is to provide education in the health professions emphasizing clinical and academic excellence through collaboration with Bryan Health System and the healthcare community.

Our Vision

The Vision of Bryan College of Health Sciences is to provide a College of Health Sciences recognized as a leader in health professions education by qualified applicants, graduates, and employers.

Our Goals

The Goals of Bryan College of Health Sciences are to prepare graduates who:

  • Are qualified to practice in entry level, mid-level, and advanced practice roles in diverse healthcare environments;
  • Are critically aware of their individuality;
  • Maintain a clear understanding of professional scope of practice;
  • Value life-long learning as a means of personal and professional growth;
  • Participate as responsible citizens within the community; and
  • Are capable of meeting the healthcare needs of an ever-changing society.

Our Values

Essential Values  


Attitudes and Personal Qualities


Concern for the welfare of others

Caring, Commitment, Compassion, Generosity, Perseverance


Having the same rights, privileges or status

Acceptance, Assertiveness, Fairness , Self esteem, Tolerance


Qualities of objects, events and persons that provide satisfaction

Appreciation, Creativity, Imagination, Sensitivity


Capacity to exercise choice

Confidence, Hope, Independence, Openness, Self-direction, Self-discipline

Human Dignity

Inherent worth and uniqueness of an individual

Consideration, Empathy, Humaneness, Kindness, Respectfulness, Trust, Non-judgmental


Upholding moral and legal principles

Courage, Morality, Objectivity, Leadership


Faithfulness to fact or reality

Accountability, Authenticity, Honesty, Inquisitiveness, Rationality, Reflectiveness

Philosophy Statements

Non-Discrimination Policy

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