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March 2012 — Important Events for Parents

BryanLGH is pleased to be partner with the Lincoln Police Department and with the School Community Intervention & Prevention (SCIP) Program to offer two important programs for parents in March. The programs are free and focus on issues youth face today and how parents can be knowledgeable and involved.  Here are program details:

Adolescent Choices: A Drug and Alcohol Awareness Panel for Parents

Tuesday, March 6, 7-8:30 p.m.
BryanLGH East, Plaza Conference Center

To register, call 402-481-8886 or use our online Community Programs Calendar.

Get the knowledge you need to be aware of the types of drugs and alcohol adolescents experiment with, learn the slang terms for drugs and what to look for to keep your child safe. Panel includes:

  • Officer Shane Winterbauer, Lincoln Police Department, discusses the situations and signs that may lead to alcohol/drug use.
  • Maureen Feely, BryanLGH Independence Center counselor, discusses what parents need to know about substance abuse.
  • Independence Center graduate will talk about what led to his substance abuse and the impact of treatment on his life.
  • Parents also will receive a brochure outlining common drugs, their street names, effects and long-term risks.


Stand for the Silent: Anti-Bullying Movement

Thursday, March 22, 7-8:30 p.m.

Ty Smalley was a victim of bullying
Ty Smalley was a victim of bullying at his school.

BryanLGH College of Health Sciences, Room 204, 5035 Everett Street, east of BryanLGH East.

To register, call 402-481-8886 or go to use our online Community Programs Calendar.

Bullying is a generational epidemic that knows no boundaries. It is worldwide and the statistics are staggering. According to the American Justice Department, one out of every four children is a victim of bullying and at least two children are bullied every seven minutes. 

Ty Smalley was the typical kid. Shaggy hair, playful spirit, wide smile and bully victim. In response to years of abuse, Ty took his own life at 11 years old. In the wake of this horrific tragedy, Kirk and Laura Smalley began Stand for the Silent, a program to address school bullying with an engaging, factual and emotional methodology. This event is co-sponsored with the School Community Intervention & Prevention (SCIP) Program.

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