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     Bryan LifePointe
         7501 S. 27th St. 
         Lincoln, NE 68512

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Join us for a free LifeTracks information session!

Wednesday, March 18, noon-1 p.m. or 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Thursday, March 19, 6:30-7:30 p.m.

To register: call (402) 481-6300 or visit our online calendar

There comes a time when you realize, it's time. This is my life, my health and it's important. It's time to take control and take action. You've tried other weight loss programs in the past, maybe they were successful for a while, maybe not. But now is the time to take a healthy and smart approach to a life-long, life-changing journey to better health.

LifeTracks is a medically supervised meal replacement program for rapid and safe weight loss with skill building to help you learn how to keep off the weight that you have lost. Our emphasis is on health and weight management, not dieting.

In this 24-week program, specially designed for people who want to lose 40 pounds or more, you will receive weekly group sessions and individual sessions with a registered dietitian. Your meal plan will include fruits, vegetables and a nutritionally balanced meal replacement product. Information about how to gradually return to foods in addition to an emphasis on good nutrition and activity habits is a hallmark of this extremely successful program.  Through commitment and support from healthcare professionals, you can change your life.

Success Stories:

  • Dan lost 75 lbs. in 20 weeks, reducing his BMI from 40.7 to 30.3. He lost 9 inches around his waist and 5 inches around his hips during the 20 weeks.

  • Mary achieved her weight loss goal in 14 months, losing 135 lbs. with LifeTracks and exercise. "I am now in charge of my life, not my weight! Put yourself at the top of your priority list and make the call today to better your life and health, you'll be glad you did."

  • Kris lost 75 lbs. with LifeTracks and exercise, and avoided having to take cholesterol medicine, lowering her cholesterol to healthy levels through her lifestyle changes. "LifeTracks isn't just about losing weight, it’s about changing your lifestyle. You have to make movement a part of every day." Read more about how LifeTracks transformed Kris' health and wellness here. 

  • Virginia lost 120 lbs. with LifeTracks and exercise and is continuing to lose weight with the help of LifeTracks and through her lifestyle changes. She reduced her BMI from 50.3 to 38.3.


Virginia, before LifeTracks:
Virginia, after LifeTracks:   
lifetracks_dorfs_before.png lifetracks_virginia_after.jpg






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