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Levels of Care


The level of care received by each client varies in relation to that client's needs. Level of care will be determined after the initial evaluation is complete.

Each level of care consists of a well planned individually tailored series of therapies that draw from a variety of resources, including counseling, group therapy, education, family services and medical care. Careful assessment is used to refer clients to the least restrictive level of care. When clients are transferred to different levels of care during their treatment stay, our emphasis is on continuity of care and open communication with the client and their family. 

The Bryan Independence Center is dedicated to continually seek the most effective treatment program for each individual client, regardless of diagnosis, pattern of relapse or prognosis. This dedication to the client requires the Independence Center to be actively involved with the resources and agencies found in southeast Nebraska. We also believe that individuals suffering from substance abuse problems may also suffer from other mental illnesses, which requires proper assessment, diagnosis and treatment. One of our goals is integrated treatment of the whole person, thus our team is interdisciplinary consisting of counselors, nurses, teacher, spiritual counselor, mental health technicians, psychiatrists, and mental health practitioners.

Levels of Care

Substance Abuse Evaluation

A licensed counselor interviews and assesses the potential existence of a diagnosable substance abuse or dependency issue. If needed, he or she will make a level of care recommendation.


Medical Detox (Inpatient)

Client medically unstable and unable to attend programming. Length of stay averages from one to five days with 24-hour care. Includes daily physician visits and intense medical monitoring by nursing staff. 


Residential (24-hour care)

Clients at this level of care live at the Bryan Independence Center. With programming from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., treatment includes groups, lectures, discussions, videos, individual sessions, family sessions, family care, and recreational activities. Length of stay varies, averaging 23 days. Includes initial physician visit, then physicians visits only as indicated. 


Partial Care 

Clients are in the partial care program three to five days per week. The program includes at least four to eight hours per day of treatment involving groups, lectures, individual sessions, family sessions, family care, and recreational activities.


A.M. Intensive Outpatient

This program includes a three-hour per day program involving groups, lectures, individual sessions, family care, and family sessions. The Intensive Outpatient a.m. program involves treatment five days per week.  

P.M. Intensive Outpatient

This program includes a three-hour per day program involving groups, lectures, individual sessions, family care, and family sessions. The Intensive Outpatient p.m. program involves treatment three days per week. 



This program includes a combination of 1-2 hour groups, individual sessions, and family sessions. Group sessions typically will occur once per week. Individual sessions typically occur 1-2 times per month. Family sessions are  scheduled as needed.








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