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Financial Services

Bryan Health is dedicated to making your experience at the medical center as positive as possible. Our staff is here to help you know and understand your options for payment and insurance information. Please be familiar with the following information before your stay at Bryan Health:

Price Estimate Line

If you would like an estimate of the cost of a test or procedure, call the Price Estimate Line at (402) 481-4900.


If your insurance card indicates pre-authorization or if pre-certification is required, please contact your insurance company and/or physician's office before you are admitted to Bryan Medical Center East or Bryan Medical Center West. Failure to obtain authorization may result in reduced insurance benefits from your insurance company.

If you participate in a Primary Care Physician Directed/Preferred Provider insurance plan and have been referred to a specialist by your primary care physician, you need to obtain a referral authorization to assure coverage for your medical center services. Please bring this referral authorization when you are admitted to the medical center.

Your insurance coverage will be verified before or during your hospitalization, and we will submit appropriate medical center claims to your insurance company following your dismissal. If your group insurance requires an Employer Claim form, please complete and submit it upon dismissal.

View our entire list of accepted insurance plans.

Monthly Statements and Itemized Bills

You will receive monthly statements for services that are not paid for by your insurance company. You may request an itemization of all charges from any location by contacting Patient Financial Services at (402) 481-5791. In addition, anyone has the right to see the current list of top 20 Diagnostic Related Groups (DRGs) at Bryan Health. You may request a copy by contacting Patient Financial Services at (402) 481-5791.


Billing and Financial Arrangements

When you receive a monthly statement for services (see above), please pay your balance promptly or call our customer service associates to set up a payment plan. We have options including short-term, interest-free payment plans; long-term, low-interest payment plans; charity care or payments by credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Discover accepted) through the mail or by telephone.

To set up a payment plan or make a credit card payment, please call (402) 481-5791. For Bryan Medical Center patients, we also offer online bill pay. Bryan Health is a non-profit organization that depends on prompt payment for services to continue our high level of patient care.

If you have questions before, during or after your hospital stay, please call Patient Financial Services at extension 15791 while at the hospital, (402) 481-5791 locally or toll-free at (800) 742-7845 extension 15791.
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