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Curriculum Plan

Management Theory, Concepts and Skills (3 credit-hours)

This course is designed for healthcare professionals desiring to advance into a management position or to broaden their understanding of the theories, concepts and skills essential to becoming an effective manager in a healthcare setting.  This course will explore such topics as management theories, leadership styles, organizational behavior and communication, group dynamics, relationship building, change theory and quality improvement.


Human Resource Management (3 credit-hours)

This course explores issues common to managing human resources in a healthcare setting. Topics include employee relations, recruiting/interviewing/hiring, coaching/disciplining/terminating, performance appraisal, conflict resolution, motivation, benefits and labor laws.


Healthcare Finance and Budgeting (3 credit-hours)

This course is designed to develop a basic understanding of finance and budgeting in a healthcare setting.  This course will explore such topics as basic accounting principles, preparation and management of capital and operational budgets, cost analysis and management, resource management, and strategic planning/forecasting.


Healthcare Economics (3 credit-hours)

This course introduces the student to basic principles of healthcare economics including supply and demand, product markets, employment, payer and price systems, and impact of government or regulatory agencies.  Basic principles of economics will be applied to topics of healthcare costs, access, and payment for service.


Legal Issues of Healthcare Management (3 credit-hours)

This course will examine legal topics in healthcare with a focus on risk management principles and theories guiding healthcare management.  Students will come to understand the application of employment law as it applies to healthcare settings.  (Prerequisite: Introduction to Healthcare Management or Management Theories, Concepts and Skills.)


Field Experience (1 credit-hour)

This course offers the student the opportunity to observe and/or participate in the application of healthcare management principles and skills learned throughout the rest of the curriculum with a manager(s) in a healthcare setting. (Prerequisite: 12 semester hours of healthcare management courses work)

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