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Coping with Cancer

Accept the reality of your disease

Your cancer exists.  Accept the fact that you have cancer.  Although it is a life-threatening disease, it may be treated successfully.  Work with your doctor and other members of the treatment team.  Although changes will result from the disease and treatment, you can still enjoy a good quality of life.

Be well-informed

Learn as much as you can about your specific disease and treatment. Ask questions. The more you know about your situation, the better prepared you will be to make informed treatment decisions.  Make sure you get answers from the professionals treating you.

Talk with your doctor and family

Your doctor needs to know your feelings, concerns and fears.  This will help your doctor respond to your unique needs.  Cancer is as great an unknown for your family as it is for you.  Share the knowledge you gain with your loved ones.  Allow them to share the experience with you so you can help each other.

Don't let numbers get you down

All newly diagnosed patients seek out survival and death rate information related to their disease.  Statistics reflect an overview of many people's responses to treatment.  They cannot predict how you will respond.  Be hopeful you will become a statistic of successful treatment and long-term survival.

Be flexible

All problems have solutions.  Focus on things that you can control and look for solutions.  Admit your emotions and share them honestly and openly with those around you.  Your ability to feel and to express your feelings is one of the things that makes you a human being.  Sharing will help your inner healing.  Although you have no direct control over your disease, you do have control over how your disease affects your life.  A cancer diagnosis and treatment can be difficult to deal with; however, it also can create an opportunity for a greater appreciation for life.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

Seek and accept help from others in dealing with the challenges created by cancer and treatment.  Use all the resources available to you:  The love of family and friends, the expertise and care of healthcare professionals and your own coping skills and spiritual beliefs.  Spirituality is a part of life - our beliefs and values give meaning and direction to our lives.

When we are diagnosed with cancer, our beliefs and values may be shaken.  We may feel like we've been abandoned, or at the very least, our spirituality has been tested.  If this is true for you, be willing to share your feelings with someone you trust. No matter what you may be feeling, don't be afraid to turn to your community of faith or God, as you understand God, for companionship on your journey.

Remember, there is life after cancer

We are here to help.  Please call us anytime if there is anything we can do for you.


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