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Community Involvement

Project Relate is a statewide public service campaign aimed at increasing awareness and improving perceptions about mental health issues and current state of the mental health system.

Project Relate strives to help the public relate to people with mental illness, demystify and personalize the issue, and break down stereotypes associated with mental illness.

Groups participating in Project Relate are Bryan Medical Center, Alegent Health, Catholic Charities, Community Alliance, Kim Foundation, Lutheran Family Service of Nebraska, NAMI-Nebraska (National Alliance for Mental Health) and Uta Halee-Cooper Village.
View the TV ads and entire campaign.


Other Ways Bryan Mental Health is Involved in the Community:


  • Bryan Medical Center was a founding member and current member of the Board of the Electronic Behavioral Health Information Network (eBHIN), which is attempting to enhance patient care through better access to treatment and medical records between providers. Bryan Medical Center will participate in the implementation of a health information exchange over the next three years.
  •  Sponsors “Trauma Informed Care” training
  • Provides the Domestic Abuse Group (DAG) educational groups at the Counseling Center.
  • As the only hospital-based mental health program in the community, Bryan West Campus works with the Peoples Health Center and the Community Mental Health Center to support coordination between primary care health providers and behavioral health care providers.
  • Specialized initiatives:
    • A. Works with law enforcement and the Crisis Center to support enhanced pre-crisis care.
      • Supports behavioral health threat assessment training for area law enforcement.
      • Supports the efforts of Keya House for hospital diversion.
      • Uses peer specialists in the hospital’s mental health emergency room.
      • Supports efforts of the Mental Health Association in their facilitation of Wellness Recovery Action Planning support groups at Bryan Medical Center for patients following hospitalization.
    • B. Supports the efforts of the Medical Center and community to prepare for healthcare reform.
      • Educates staff on provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and changing behavioral health legislation in Nebraska.
      • Serves as a community resource for education related to PPACA and behavioral health.
      • Partners with the Kim Foundation and Husker sports marketing to promote the “Don’t Be Sidelined” program, which encourages individuals with behavioral health issues to seek care and provides information on available resources. 
    • C. Support efforts in the community for an integrated behavioral health safety net.
      • Bryan West Campus offers a specialized mental health emergency department staffed with specially trained behavioral health nurses, social workers and peer specialists from a peer support program.
      • Utilizes intervention nurses at the bedside to assess substance abuse based upon physician order.
    • D. Supports efforts to expand access to behavioral health providers who serve poor, uninsured and Medicaid-eligible populations.
      • As the only acute care hospital in Lincoln providing behavioral health services, Bryan is actively engaged in working with area providers to support the expanded role of behavioral health treatment in the community. Bryan West Campus is the ultimate safety net provider for persons with behavioral health issues.
      • Serves as a student training site for counselors, social workers, nurses, physician’s assistants and primary care physicians through the Lincoln Medical Education Program.
      • Provides training for peer support in the mental health ED, inpatient and outpatient setting.
      • Provides integrated inpatient, outpatient and emergency care for mental health and alcohol and other drug abuse issues.
      • Works with other Lincoln behavioral health providers to address gaps in special needs in the population and those who are underserved.
      • Provides online screenings for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, alcohol abuse and adolescent depression.
    • E. Works with other behavioral health providers across Nebraska as a coordinating member of the state-wide Nebraska State Suicide Prevention Coalition.
      • Co-developed the Lincoln Lancaster Local Outreach To Suicide Survivors program.
        • Works with the Senior Foundation, Aging Partners and UNL School of Gerontology to address behavioral health needs of the elderly.  Bryan West Campus currently offers a senior mental health inpatient program.
      • Co-sponsors and hosts Mental Illness Awareness Week activities in collaboration with a community-wide committee of providers to plan and carry out community and professional education.
      • Utilizes resources of the Bryan Counseling Center and behavioral health program on the Bryan West Campus to provide specialty counseling to persons with chronic co-morbid diseases such as diabetes, lung disease and heart conditions.



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