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Community Benefit

Community Benefit

Locally owned and governed Bryan Health demonstrated its continuing commitment to community re-investment in Fiscal Year 2010 by supporting education for healthcare professionals and the community, and by donating to charitable organizations and community-building activities.

The quantifiable community benefit totaled more than $78 million; the chart shows how these dollars were distributed.

Charity care includes charges for free or discounted services provided to patients who cannot afford to pay and who meet all criteria for financial assistance. This does not include bad debt.

Unreimbursed cost of Medicaid and other public programs includes the actual unpaid cost (not charges) of providing care to patients receiving Medicaid and other public assistance. It represents the shortfall between the actual cost of providing care and payments received from the government.

Unreimbursed cost of Medicare is the actual unpaid cost (not charges) of providing care to Medicare patients. This represents the shortfall between the actual cost of providing care and payments received from the government.

Health professionals education is the cost of providing accredited training and education programs for physicians, nurses and other health professionals through residency education and continuing medical education, plus the cost of the College of Health Sciences.

Community benefit services are activities to improve community health and healthcare services that are subsidized because they meet an identified need in the community.

Cash and in-kind contributions include donations to nonprofit organizations for charitable purposes.

Community-building activities include programs that, while not directly related to health care, provide opportunities to address the root causes of health problems, such as poverty, homelessness and environmental problems. Examples include paid time for co-workers to provide mentoring programs and to serve as board members for non-profit organizations.

Community Benefits Report For Fiscal Year 2013


Financial Assistance Policy (Charity Care)

Bryan Medical Center offers financial assistance to our low income uninsured patients. The level of assistance (ranging from partial discount to 100 percent discount) is based upon income guidelines. Bryan Health currently assists patients with income up to 400 percent of the federal poverty guidelines or if your balance is more than 30 percent of your annual income.


A complete financial evaluation is required to determine your eligibility for financial assistance. Our financial counselor will work with you to obtain all the required information so that the financial evaluation can be completed.


You can access our financial assistance application here or by calling our office. If you have any questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to contact a financial counselor.


Contact Patient Financial Services at (877) 577-9277 or (402) 481-5791.


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