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Center for Excellence in Clinical Simulation

Our clinical simulation center is a truly unique learning experience that sets Bryan College of Health Sciences apart from other nursing education facilities. The unit includes:

  • Nine patient simulators
  • Six adults - including one birthing manikin, two pediatric, one newborn
  • Three dedicated debriefing rooms
  • State-of-the-art audio/visual capabilities
  • Internationally renowned faculty

The simulation unit is located within an 11-bed inpatient care unit located on the second floor of a major medical center. Learn about the partnership that allowed this to happen

Faculty facilitators who work with students and learners in the Center provide numerous types of learning opportunities using patient simulators. Experiences range from those most beneficial to new students, such as basic assessment simulated clinical experiences (SCE) to those that benefit advanced students, such as cardiopulmonary arrest SCEs.

Contact Jessica Warren for further information: 402-481-9288;    





Jessica Warren MSN RN
Assistant Professor


We proudly offer a graduate level Certificate in Simulation Education with academic credit earned, one of only two programs available in the United States. This certificate program is taught by leaders in simulation teaching and learning.







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