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Why can't I lose weight?

If you're asking yourself this question, Bryan LifePointe can help you find the answer and achieve success.

"Sometimes people get stuck in a rut, or they think they are doing the right thing in terms of nutrition or exercise, but they still aren't seeing results," says registered dietitian Katie Walz. "It can be frustrating to know what to do."

That's how our new service can really help. The BodyGem® is one of the most accurate tools to determine a person's calorie needs and to test your metabolic rate. This tells you the rate of your metabolism and provides health experts with the details that will determine the best weight loss approach for you. Armed with this information, our dietitians can create a plan designed specifically for your metabolic needs and body composition.

What does this mean? For some people, more exercise is the key to losing weight, for others it's based on nutrition. The results of BodyGem testing provide insight into the best way for you to be successful. It's the testing used on The Biggest Loser, and our clients are benefiting from the same level of detailed information.

"People are impressed with the amount of information they receive, and very excited about the results that are achieved based on recommendations following testing," Walz continues.

The test is simple. All you do is breathe into the BodyGem advanced technology device. You'll receive a report on your caloric needs based on your Resting Metabolic Rate, occupational activity, sleep schedule and exercise. Then, our experts will interpret your results and help create your personal plan for success.

Ready to find out the best approach to lose your weight? Call today to schedule your appointment at (402) 481-6300.


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