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Child Development Specialist - Child Development Center

Angie, child development specialistAngie receives many extraordinary benefits from working in the Child Development Center at Bryan Health.  But it's not just the great retirement or health care benefits for her and her family.  It's the feeling of pride for whom you work.

"Working at Bryan Health and having my kids be able to come and be a part of it is important.  They are so proud and excited.  Even when we are at a Saltdogs baseball game and the Bryan Health logo comes up on the big screen, they will yell - 'Look mom. It's Bryan Health'".  And after 10 years of working here, she knows how important her job is to other staff members of Bryan Health. Not just in her department, but for other employees who entrust their children into her care.  She has seen children go from being in day-care, to becoming young adults.

Angie was pursuing her Youth Education degree when she was told about a position in the Child Development Center.  As a Child Development Specialist, she works primarily with the toddler age group.  She never has to feel alone.  "We are big enough to take care of each other.  If there is any kind of crisis, we know that there is always going to be somebody there to back us up and support us.  If things are getting stressful, we can always tease each other.  We all have a good sense of humor and always willing to lend a hand."


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