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2013 Connections

President Marilyn Moore's Blog

December 2013 

The Best of 2013 | December 15

This is the time of year when newspapers and web sites are publishing lists of “best of ____” in 2013. The blank may be filled in with anything from movies to restaurants to acts of philanthropy to news stories…. every writer has a list.

November 2013 

With Deep Gratitude... | November 10

I wrote those words over and over again last week, as I sent Thanksgiving cards from all of us at the College to those people who support us in so many ways – members of our Board, members of several advisory boards, leaders of hospitals that serve as clinical sites, colleagues in other higher education institutions and donors of scholarships.

October 2013 

Good Morning! | October 5

And welcome to October, and to the ACEN BSN visit week, and anticipation of the ACEN MSN visit next week…and to warm and sunny days, and October blue skies, one of Nebraska’s most beautiful sights….

September 2013 

Mission | September 9

In mid-August I met with a young woman who has just completed her first year of college. She is a student at Georgetown, where she loves confronting big ideas and big questions and sorting out how history and political thought and theology all come together in her mind. Read more...

Breadth or Depth? | September 3

It’s a question that has long been discussed in curriculum committees at every level of education, from kindergarten to graduate school, and by every level of policy-maker, from the individual classroom teacher to national commissions establishing content standards.

August 2013 

A New School Year | August 26

Here it is, the first day of the 2013-14 school year. For faculty, following weeks of planning, a summer of self-study reports and curriculum and assessment work, here it is, the first day. Read more...

On Seeing the Small Wonders | August 13

Two quick summer trips, one to the mountains and one to the shore, reminded me of the wonders of seeing small things. On a mountain trail, one that I have hiked at least twenty times, I saw, this year, small blue berries, growing low to the ground on short and scrubby shrubs.

June 2013 

Connecting With Our Alums | June 13

Last weekend was alumni weekend for the College, and what a grand time it was. Members of the Bryan School of Nursing Class of 1963 and the Lincoln General School of Nursing Class of 1963 were the honored classes. Read more...

From a Different Perspective | June 1

On Sunday evening before Memorial Day, Dave and I were flying back to Lincoln. It was the 6:15 flight from Chicago, so we began the descent into Lincoln a little after 7:00. On the ground, it was overcast and gray, with flat skies and little sun.

May 2013 

Consider Your Strengths | May 17

Have you given thought recently to your strengths, those qualities and characteristics and skills that are really strong? Probably not…most of us tend to focus on weaknesses, or areas for improvement, or “challenges” or “opportunities” as we sometimes call them. Instead, for a moment, think about your strengths….Read more...

A New Creation | May 8

Sunday evening Dave and I attended the end-of-year performance by Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra. This was a particularly special performance, from our perspective, because it included a side-by-side performance of one work with the Lincoln Youth Symphony.

April 2013 

The Spirit of Celebration | April 30

From a collection of Native American poetry, arranged by Gwen Frostic, these beautiful lines… Read more...

Calling Us To Our Best | April 17

The aftermath of the bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon leave us shaken, uncertain, horrified, and angry. And probably lots of other emotions, too. Read more...

A Time of Unease | April 10

The morning has an uneasy feeling to it. The headlines are alarming: North Korea, poised to test, or launch, missiles; a college in Texas reeling from attacks on students yesterday by another student wielding a knife. Read more...

Spring Pushes Forth | April 2

The rain on Saturday morning signaled a change, from late winter to early spring. When I stepped out the front door after it stopped, there was that wonderful, fresh air feeling, like the earth was shaking itself awake from a long and dreary winter. Read more...

March 2013 

Authors I Have Known | March 27

Not personally, but whose works made such an impression on my life I feel like I know them, or wish that I could have…I was reading a story in The Chronicle last week about the feminist writers of this decade. Read more...

Reading and Reflection | March 19

Today is the day set aside in the College for reading and reflection—a wonderful gift of time for those habits of the mind that are so important to our own learning, and that we too often don’t quite get to.  Read more...

In a Totally Different World | March 4

So we’re driving through the mopane woodland and the desert-like sands in Botswana, and I’m thinking to myself, “I can’t believe I’m here, doing what I’m doing and seeing what I’m seeing.  There is almost nothing about this that is familiar.  Read more...

February 2013 

Thinking About Hope | February 14

I’ve been thinking about hope in the last few days, springing from some observations in the College lobby. The first happened during the interview days, those times when nearly 200 applicants for the BSN program came for their interview. Read more...

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